About Pepper

The Pepper Group is a diversified, global
financial services business with a core focus
on three key disciplines across the residential
and commercial property sectors, namely Lending,
Advisory and Asset Management.

About Pepper Group

Pepper is a well-established end-to-end mortgage origination, third-party loan servicer and asset manager which has been operating successfully in Australia since 2001. We service a wide range of assets including residential home loans, commercial loans, equipment finance and consumer finance.

Following a decade of strong organic growth and successful acquisitions in the Australian market, in 2012 Pepper opened a European office in London to leverage the expertise and strong performance track record from Australia to acquire financial assets and loan servicing platforms in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and other select European jurisdictions.

About Pepper (UK) Limited

Oakwood Global Finance, originally established in 2003, was acquired by the Pepper Group in September 2013 – becoming Pepper (UK) Limited (“Pepper UK”). The acquisition united two organisations that already shared a history, key executives and a focus on delivering client specific outcomes in a controlled, technologically advanced and efficient process.

Pepper UK is a market leading specialist loan servicing company providing tailored services to investor and banking clients in the UK. With over 150 staff based in London and North Yorkshire, including Engage Credit a trading name of Pepper UK, we manage residential mortgages, Buy to Let, commercial real estate (CRE) and consumer loan assets. We also provide white label servicing and service loans through Engage, where we hold Legal Title for clients.

International rating agency Fitch Ratings ranks us as one of the highest rated independent residential mortgage Special Servicers in the UK and the only Fitch rated Master Servicer in Europe. Current ratings from Fitch are: UK Primary (Prime) Servicer Rating RPS2, UK Primary (Sub-prime) Servicer Rating RPS2, UK Special Servicer Rating RSS2+, and UK Master Servicer Rating RMS2.

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