Pepper UK - Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"We have outsourced our primary and special servicing business to Pepper. Pepper was selected because of its practical approach to our situation and its senior managers' knowledge of the mortgage industry. Pepper's flexible approach to doing business has been essential to making a success of this partnership given our unique circumstances and specific needs."
Mark Sismey-Durrant, Former CEO of Heritable Bank

"When seeking to enter the mortgage portfolio acquisition arena, Pepper was our obvious choice. Pepper's ability to assist with the pricing, due diligence, purchase and portfolio transfer is unrivalled in this industry. We wanted to ensure any assets we acquired were not only managed in a fully compliant way, but with state of the art technology, and by the most experienced staff in the business. The easy aspect of investing in a mortgage pool is the purchase. Post completion you need to ensure your business partners understand your business objectives and align their interests accordingly. Pepper has the experience, staff, technology and industry knowledge necessary to deliver a supreme service and facilitate a successful investment."
Paul Thompson, Pamplona

"When we were seeking a partner to provide a full range of services for our investment needs, Pepper was the obvious choice. Not only was Pepper able to assist us through the acquisition process, but Pepper's understanding of, and ability to, align to our business objectives was key to making our partnership a successful one. Post purchase Pepper, now provides the regulatory and legal platform for our acquisitions and has been instrumental in maximising pool performance."
Mike Strange, Anacap