Master Servicing

Pepper is a Fitch rated Master Servicer with significant and growing experience in the role.

As Master Servicer, Pepper is responsible for oversight and management of all aspects of portfolio administration where some administration and/or collections activities are carried out by another servicer.

We can provide the client with additional assurance and confidence that the designated service standards are being met or, if not, deliver practical support to remedy any underperformance.

The range of individual activities provided by a Master Servicer is extensive and includes but is not limited to:

  • Financial reporting
  • Cash management services
  • Transactional validation and reconciliation
  • Bank account management including direct debit mandates, online banking access and signatory authorities
  • Auditing, reviews and exception management of data and processes
  • Compliance auditing and management of third party processes
  • Bench marking of third party service provider services to ensure best performance and value are being provided to the client
  • Referral processes to ensure that control is maintained on all key processes, relationships and risk management matters

Pepper is an appointed Master Servicer on a range of residential home loans, buy to let mortgages and consumer loans in both the UK and Ireland.