Our Approach

Portfolio Migration Capability

Pepper has unrivalled experience and expertise in migrating loan portfolios from a range of other platforms. This expertise has been developed during a benign economic period, further emphasising the success achieved by Pepper in recent years.

Any client business models can be accommodated including full portfolio migrations, where the entire customer database and historic information is transferred onto Pepper's systems, through to partial migrations involving the regular two way transfer of key data to enable Pepper to perform certain services where clients require this hybrid approach.

Bespoke data transfer processes have been designed, developed and delivered in house by Pepper's highly skilled Technical Services team.

Case Ownership

Pepper believes optimum results are achieved by building personal relationships with people and this philosophy is amply illustrated by our Case Ownership operational model. Pepper does not use any form of dialler technology because we believe customers should be able to speak to another person. Furthermore, we allocate a specific Pepper case manager to every customer relationship so that complex or sensitive customer issues are managed appropriately.

This means our clients know that their customers will be treated fairly as individuals, and not numbers, and will be provided with options that meet their personal circumstances and requirements. We not only assist customers in reaching the most suitable outcome for their personal situation, but we also achieve the best results for our clients.


Pepper's key systems were built post the Global Financial Crises in 2007 and since then we have invested substantially and consistently in developing our proprietary case management and workflow tools, Caseman and Proflow, which provide the foundations to our servicing proposition.

Pepper's systems are fully integrated into both the core servicing engine and telephony system, providing consistency of data and functionality on a business wide basis.

This progressive IT strategy has ensured that Pepper has avoided the pitfalls which are inevitable when legacy systems are retained; Pepper's systems were purpose built and provide clients and customers alike with the most integrated, modern and efficient technology base available in the UK third party servicing market today.

Client and Customer Focus

Pepper has grown and developed by focussing on clients and customers as individuals. Treating Customers Fairly is not only an FCA requirement; it is also a Pepper core value. At Pepper we have chosen not to use dialler technology and instead we have always operated a Case Management system. This means that every customer relationship is owned by a dedicated Pepper specialist, ensuring the continuity of service and consistency of outcomes that can only be achieved when you are dealing with the same person throughout the duration of your relationship.

We are not perfect and will make mistakes along the way, but Pepper is committed to consistently providing the excellent service that our clients and customers value and expect from us. We strive daily to improve and develop every aspect of our service proposition.