Our Experience

The talent and experience of our management team is the bedrock of our business. Our senior executives have over 130 years of combined experience across five international finance markets.

What makes us different is our wealth of experience and the granularity of our approach.

Pepper's Executive team have built, and invested in, a succession of businesses in the consumer finance space over the past 20 years. We are specialists in creating, trading, servicing and managing portfolios of residential and commercial mortgage assets as well as other consumer finance assets and bonds.

Our business is founded on an extensive knowledge of credit operations, rather than on mere theoretical investment strategies and modelled returns. Our background as business operators enables us to deliver practical solutions to our clients. We aim to trade openly and efficiently with counter-parties to keep costs low, timelines short, and build lasting business relationships with our clients.

We currently have over £4.0bn of assets under management, from multiple originators and have facilitated over 40 portfolio trades across various markets totalling in excess of £5.0bn.

Industry Ratings

On 5 February 2013 Fitch Ratings upgraded Pepper's UK Residential Primary (Prime), UK Primary (Sub-prime), UK Special Servicer and UK Master Servicer ratings as follows:

  • UK Primary (Prime) Servicer Rating to 'RPS2' from 'RPS2-'
  • UK Primary (Sub-prime) Servicer Rating to 'RPS2' from 'RPS2-'
  • UK Special Servicer Rating to 'RSS2+' from 'RSS2'
  • UK Master Servicer Rating to 'RMS2' from 'RMS2-

March 2013 Fitch Report