Portfolio Migration

Whether you are purchasing a loan portfolio, looking to transfer a legacy portfolio or simply need additional support to assist with your growth aspirations, Pepper is able to help.

We have built proprietary software tools to facilitate data mapping and have successfully migrated portfolios of mortgage assets on to our servicing systems from multiple lenders, all of whom used different origination systems, and many of whom used different post completion servicing systems.

To date the Pepper team has managed multiple portfolio trades in various jurisdictions and involving over £5bn of mortgages, secured personal loans, auto loans and equipment leases.

Working closely with the client and exporting servicer or lender, Pepper's experience, expertise and delivery focus has enabled us to typically complete a full portfolio migration - including payment histories, document images and all other current and historic data and records – in 8 to 12 weeks.

This timescale addresses any real or perceived migration risks enabling a smooth and seamless transition to the high tech Pepper platform to be made.