Provision of timely, accurate and comprehensive Management Information (MI) is crucial to any lender or investor.

Pepper recognises the criticality of providing the most comprehensive, accessible, flexible and robust data service available and has invested heavily to deliver precisely the MI required by individual clients.

We have developed a single data warehouse which provides a wide range of value adding benefits including:

  • The reconfiguration of disparate data from servicing partners and packaging into a harmonious repository
  • Import routines which run daily to convert all required data without any manual intervention
  • Daily data feeds which enable trend analysis and snapshot reporting to be created at any point in the month
  • The warehouse enables segmentation of data by any variable if the data is populated in the warehouse

Pepper's standard MI pack provides:

  • Architecture using an industry standard star scheme for every plug-in to BI tools
  • A complete history of loan balances dating back to loan inception
  • Comprehensive data cube for ad-hoc analysis by business users
  • A BI portal to allow external access to reports in a secure environment
  • Fully audited and controlled daily build process to ensure robust data quoting and maximum availability
  • Full cash waterfall limited to bank reconciliation system to ensure consistent and high quality cash reporting

Whatever MI a client requires, Pepper can deliver.