Pepper Asset Servicing

At Pepper we offer clients a full range of
in-house loan origination and administration
services designed to meet their specific needs
and objectives through-out the life-cycle of loans.

Pepper's Asset Servicing Team assists investors to evaluate, perform due diligence on and price mortgage portfolios, and to manage acquired assets across Western Europe.

Our extensive loan experience and track record in the industry enables us to source, analyse and trade loan portfolios quickly and efficiently. We frequently invest in mortgages and real estate assets alongside our clients, and can work with investors to satisfy a range of risk appetites and return requirements.

The services Pepper UK can provide in overall Asset Management terms is extensive and can genuinely be tailored to the precise requirements of the client investor; and includes:

  • Sourcing portfolios for potential buyers
  • Sourcing buyers for potential sellers
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Portfolio valuations and modelling
  • Loan servicing, real estate and legal due diligence
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Proactive servicing to deliver required client outcomes

Pepper can provide optimum value by delivering a full end to end service for clients, from initial pool sourcing through the valuation and modelling phases and culminating in the full operational servicing of the assets. However, we also provide services on a menu basis, delivering the elements that each individual client needs at any point in time.